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The Benefits of Omega-3 Pills

Omega-3 fatty acids have many health benefits.

They are essential fatty acids that cannot be synthesized by the body. Omega-3s come from plant origins such as hemp and flaxseed and animal origins such as fish oil in salmon, sardines and tuna.

However, different forms of Omega-3 fatty acids come from each source. Most of their health benefits are attributed to docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) which are obtained from animal origin.

Brain health: Omega-3 fatty acids build the brain cell membranes and are essential to brain health. Those who administer Omega-3 sufficiently have more functional brains and better memory. Omega-3 can protect from age-related brain disorders such as dementia.

Depression: Low levels of Omega-3 were found to be associated with depression and even self-harm. Omega-3 supplements were found to help with mood swings and mild to moderate levels of depression. Some studies found that Omega-3 can also be helpful in the cases of depression during pregnancy as well as postpartum depression.

In another study women suffering from menopausal depression were given Omega-3 for several weeks and their mood was improved. It is recommended to talk to your physician if you believe you need treatment with Omega-3 for depression. Check amazon fish oil if you want to purchase some.

ADHD: Omega-3 was found to alleviate the symptoms of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children ADHD. The result was improved attention and remembering with decreased aggression.

Weight Loss: Regular consumption of Omega-3s was found to reduce fat storage in the body due to reducing the insulin levels. Therefore, it helps with weight loss and reduces central obesity.

Better sleep: Low levels of Omega-3 are associated with sleep deprivation which in turn causes many conditions such as central obesity and stress. Omega 3 fatty acids improve the quality of sleep and thus improve the overall health condition.

Skin Health: Omega-3s can protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun and protect from skin cancer. They were also found to reduce skin inflammation and to improve conditions such as acne, pruritis, erythema and psoriasis. Regular consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids results in a vital and younger looking skin.

Pregnancy and Fetal development: Omega-3 fatty acids were found to protect from preterm labor and to impact the birth weight. Omega-3s are needed in pregnancy in higher amounts than that in non-pregnancy. They help with the visual and neural development of the fetus.

The brain development was found to be better in children born to mothers who have received Omega-3s during pregnancy and their attention during the first six months was ahead of others who haven’t received sufficient Omega-3s.

Taking Omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy can protect the children later on from developing asthma. However, pregnant women should limit their fish intake since they are more susceptible to the effects of contaminants and toxins in fish.

Heart Health: Omega-3 fatty acids can positively impact the heart health. They reduce cholesterol and limit inflammation in the body which can damage blood vessels. They also prevent the formation of blood clots.

Therefore, it is recommended to have two servings of fish every week. Omega-3 fatty acids were found to protect from stroke and heart attack which are the leading causes of death today.

Autoimmune diseases: The long-term administration of Omega-3 fatty acids either alone or combined with other dietary supplements was found to help fight autoimmune diseases. In an autoimmune disease, the immune system abnormally attacks the body tissues mistaking them for foreign cells.

Omega-3 fatty acids were found to reduce the complications in case of Lupus and to improve cognitive decline in case of Alzheimer’s disease. The sufficient administration of these essential fatty acids in the first year of life can protect from autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

From reducing the menstrual pain to reducing overall inflammation in the body and potential protection from cancers, the health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids seem endless. New studies continue to discover more benefits of this promising fat compound.

It is a huge industry where huge research is conducted and many individuals purchase the supplements. It is necessary to realize the vital importance of these fatty acids and to ensure we are getting enough amounts of them on a regular basis.